Proclaiming the Gospel through Giving

The Bible says that Jesus—who was rich—became poor for our sake in order that we who are poor might become rich in Christ (2 Corinthians 8:9). We who were spiritually bankrupt became rich in Christ through the costly sacrifice that he provided for us. Because of this, we should consider ourselves incredibly blessed regardless of present circumstances (Romans 4:6-8). At Renew Church, we believe in Gospel-motivated giving. If you choose to give to Renew, please do so out of a worshipful response to what Jesus has done for you, not out of compulsion or begrudgingly (2 Corinthians 9:7). When you give like this, you are doing multiple things:

– You show that Jesus is your highest love, value, treasure and master, not money, thus protecting your heart from idolatry (Matthew 6:24).

– You directly aid in the Gospel going forth in our city and beyond.

– You directly aid in the making of disciples who are living for cross  and crown. Disciples make disciples, so this means Gospel-multiplication.


Use your Smartphone for donations using the Renew Church App or Text Message feature.

The Renew app can be downloaded through your smartphone’s app store.

Our unique SMS Text Phone Number is (206) 859 – 9405. Text GIVERENEW to this number and you will receive a text response with a link to give securely online!


Renew Church
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